Advisory Board

Avishkar Mehrotra

Former Head of HR Walmart India

Avishkar is the founder of Neo Navigate, and an executive, entrepreneur & career coach with around 25 years of extensive leadership experience. A passionate listener, he is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, and is on the Advisory Board of Startups. He is a certified Walmart Executive Coach, Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst and GE Six Sigma Black Belt

Avishkar has been a global business executive with companies like Walmart Inc., General Electric, GENPACT and NIIT Technologies. At Walmart he was the Senior Vice President & Chief People Officer for the India business. He held multiple leadership roles at GE & Genpact spanning from Technology, Six Sigma, Operations to Human Resources.

He believes that every individual is focusing to be a value creator, but if they are supported to navigate better their life, they can become Game Changers. By better navigation people can create a future they want, than what they would have arrived at by default. People can achieve the Ambition they have defined. He identified Coaching as a powerful way to support people to navigate pathways to make a future they want. With more than two decades of such rich experiences and learnings, Avishkar founded NeoNavigate with the purpose of - 'making a difference by supporting people navigate better so that they can transform their future'.

His simple coaching model of Agreement, Awareness, & Action along with Reflective Inquiry, has led the clients have a very powerful coaching experience, leading to the outcomes they were looking for. In solving certain organizational matters, he uses the Ambition > Foresight > Insight > Capabilities > Actions model for effective results. The Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) methodology is applied for improving the Mental Fitness, the capacity to respond to life and career challenges with positive mindset. Building Immunity Maps helps to uncover the immunity to change and get deeper into the hidden commitments of the client.

In today’s world, the CEO’s, CXO’s and Leaders need help to navigate their organization through disruptions. They need to prepare a fit for future organization. They themselves need to build abilities to navigate the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world and the changing talent landscape. His extensive knowledge in setting up new & fit for future businesses, business mergers, leadership capabilities & transitions and culture change, helps the leaders to build Foresight, Insight and Actions.

He has coached leaders on the future leadership traits to build clarity, grit, operate in an environment of distributed workforce & authority. Supported leaders to sustain positive energy through this navigation. He has helped them in incorporating diversity of thoughts, inclusivity and collaboration as critical success factors in their development plan.

Entrepreneurs/Founders, CEOs/CXOs, Corporate Leaders, Women Leaders and Women Entrepreneurs leverage Coaching partnership with Avishkar, in the areas of Career Transitions, Culture Building, Enhancing Leadership Impact, Managing Self, Team & Network, Authentic & Empathetic Leadership, Future Leadership Literacies, Creative Inclusive Environment, Building Diversity as Competitive Advantage, Building Coaching Culture, Maximizing their True Potential.

His clients are from broad walks of life, few of them are - a woman founder of a US startup in stealth mode, a founder of an Indian Ed-tech startup, a new business leader at a Food eCommerce company, a senior woman leader at a multi-national Logistics firm, the chief of staff for the CIO of a large US based bank, an operations head of an outsourcing major in India, and a CXO of a large beverage MNC.