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Goal Oriented Leadership Development (‘GOLD’) ©

  • All Trainings are Instructor Lead
  • Interactive sessions
  • Case Studies
  • Group Mentoring & Reverse Mentoring techniques
  • Role Play (with audience) and
  • Screening of Videos


LGBTQ Sensitivity

Making your Organisation LGBTQ friendly and overcoming your biases. Its designed to help Organisations and Line Managers to make the workplace more equal and equitable

  • Introduction to LGBTQ Identity
  • Terminology & Key Concepts
  • Facts V Myths
  • Managing our Biases
  • Managing conflicts : what we perceive, what we have been taught V realitydiversity
  • Advocacy, Allies and Promoting Diversity


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Introduction to D&I, Eq
  • Terminology & Key Concepts
  • Managing our Biases
  • Managing our Biases
  • Managing conflicts : what we perceive, what we have been taught V reality
  • Why D&I matters
  • Promoting Diversity


Life Coaching for Line Managers

Making of a Life Coach is not only helping others, its also helping yourself. This training is designed to help you understand yourself better and then help others. Its based on the principle of “practice what you preach” and “holistic learning”

  • This training focusses on Individuals to
    • Listen more
    • To empathize (yes that was makes us different)
    • Self discovery (this sets us apart from others)
    • To allow people within their ecosystem to become more aware, improvise and work towards a better life and society at large
  • Post certification it helps people / teams manage their work-life balance, prioritize their priorities, lead a better quality life
  • Coaching

    Executive Coaching

    For Senior Leaders, we have several Industry veterans, who are Certified Executive Coach
    This is a “professional relationship” between a trained coach and a client (individual) with the goal to enhance the client's leadership or management performance and development
    Executive Coaching

    Organization Culture Design : Gen X, Y and Z

    Bridging the Cultural gap across 3 Generations; this training focusses on how to bring about
    • Cultural adjustments;
    • how to understand the view points of the different generations and
    • Reverse Mentoring
    • At the end of this course participants would have identified their conscious and unconscious biases, got greater understanding of other “generational issues”

    Prevention of Sexual Harassment

    Let the statement Each one for Equal not just be a statement it needs to be followed in letter and spirit. This training aims at creating a workplace that respects all genders and promotes gender neutrality. For us sexual harassment is not only for women but men and as well
    • This training focusses on Line Managers and involves Cultural changes in the Organisation in creating an environment of Diversity , Inclusion and Respect
    • It helps individuals understand better what is “acceptable behaviour and what is not”;
    • Where to “draw the line”, what “look or touch is good and what is not”
    sexual harassment

    I, every Women

    Let the statement Each one for Equal You have strived all your Life to be on the Top; you have practiced and preached Each one for Equal and now guess what its lonely at the top and how do you manage work-life balance’ assuming you still have Life beyond Work
    • This training focusses on Women in Senior Management roles and helps them understand their roles in both Personal and Professional lives and how they can mange the stress; the peer pressure and more importantly being the Board Room lone woman wolf in a pack of (chauvinistic) wolves
    • Introspect; Self realization and Goal setting for a new you that’s the mantra as this Program
    • Helps individuals understand themselves better; allows them to overcome their fears; helps them identify their Blind Spots and more importantly

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    Our other program

    • Giving & Receiving Feedback
    • Managing Corporate Politics
    • Public Speaking

    • Influencer
    • Six Sigma & Lean
    • Conflict Management
    • Effective Listening

    • Time Management
    • Negotiation Skills
    • Team Management